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Don't do it!

No matter how cheap it seems to move your precious belongings across the state or the U.S. ---Do not use anyone associated these people. Spend the money upfront and hire a professional company. Michael, World Wide Van Lines was a real charmer and "professional" on the phone ..until we signed the contract and gave him a $400 deposit THEN....we had to call the Sheriff's office to get him to return our calls. Our move was picked up 2 days late and underquoted by $1200, which we had to pay the night of the pickup (Surprise!) Which by the way, was by a company named Worldwide Transfer who promised to treat our new furniture "as if it was my grandmothers" (Poor grandmother to have such a slimey grandchild) Our 30 day delivery contracted move was 52 days, with daily conversations with "Bobby" in Florida who offered me his children in return for his unprofessional and scheming ways. Upon delivery, boxes were missing and soaked. The furniture was water dsamaged, scratched, and had chunks of wood taken out of it, TV is not repairable, couch is soaking in my hallway, and they broke the leg of an armoire as they moved it up the staircase ("oops, can't believe i did that" was michael's response). They have no restituion and simply referred me to "Bobby" and a website to make a claim ($.60 per lbs =$3100 for this move). As I asked the actual mover what the protocol was for finding the lost boxes (personal items) he started to curse at me , telling me his fuse was short, he had been on this trucks for 26 days, and he really didn't give a *** about my items. He then sent me a pleasant text with some lovely f words. "Bobby" in Florida has a full voicemal and will not return my text messages.

I'll be filing a complaint with insurance companies, Florida State, any online consumer rating and review site, and the Better Business Bureau. These guys should not be moving others belongings unless they change their practices and morals!It has been a very stressful 2 months and today was the worst yet - we are in tears, have no place to sit, and no place to sleep! Our beautiful furniture is ruined! Our belongings are missing! This move cost us way more than the $2900- -

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I had a very similar experience with WWVL and the subcontractor, World Wide Transfer, in March of this year and I'm into July and nothing I have done to contact these people has helped.The BBB gave me a small claims court telephone number in Texas and I will be calling them Monday.

I found the case can be heard in Massachuetts and I fully plan to do this. I have read so many complaints about these people and I can't believe no one has been able to stop these people. I will continue until I run out of people to contact. I am a senior and I can't afford an attorney so I have been doing a lot of research myself which is time consuming but I have the determination.

Thanks for your imput.My name is Vonda Mayhew and email is vonda@the net


I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck with everything. This is just proof that sometimes cheaper doesn't always mean better.

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